Democracy….can it survive?

Democracy…..can it survive????

 Power and Trillions of Dollars are at stake

Here is the centre of the ‘issue’….  how much confidence do you have in Dominion Voting Systems to be absolute best IT team in the world’?….it is obviously ‘not’.

Is the ‘door now wide open’ for hackers to determine the outcomes of elections.

This year alone….  China graduated over 2 million engineers (and have done so each year for the past decade)….over 200,000 of which were Computer Programmers. Globally who knows how many potential hackers there are?   In our own business network, one of our firms has over 2000 programmers a number of which can no doubt easily ‘out think’ the Dominion Voting Systems team.

Once elections become ‘electronically centred’ they not only ‘can be’ but ‘will be’ hacked.  Once hacked, the hackers have control of not only political power, but literally trillions of dollars of business.

In recent elections in Ontario, Canada 51 communities….representing hundreds of thousands of voters…. had their elections interfered with…. with the only explanation being it called a ‘quirk’.    Why would we accept this explanation as being correct?   Why would we trust any IT team which has both shown and proven this level of incompetence?   Why would we trust any of the results in those 51 communities?  In the Cambridge mayor election, how is it that a member of the disgraced Wynne cabinet which was crushed in the recent Provincial election defeats a successful and popular Mayor of 18 years….is there an IT correlation?  It is total fantasy to think the Liberal Parties do not have an IT team with hacking ability?…the same question can be applied to Progressive Conservatives and Doug Ford’s mercurial ascent to the Premiership of the Government of Ontario.

Governments have been hacked, banks have been hacked, major corporations have been hacked, cyber-terrorism is a reality, while on a personal level, my computer systems have been hacked twice resulting in my having two computers destroyed and having to be replaced.  At the elite level, hackers work for governments, definitely ‘foreign’ and questionably domestic or are we so naive as to think all Canadians are above this moral fray?….hardly!!!

Did our great-grandparents, grandparents and parents fight and die in two world wars to protect our democracy and are our men and women in uniform today standing tall throughout the globe to protect democracy (my son included) in order to open voting to be ultimately controlled by elite IT hackers?

Virtually every IT Security Firm has emphatically stated the voting processes cannot be protected from being hacked….Dominion Voting Systems proved their point and yet was still hired by politicians too lazy to ‘do the research’ or so ignorant as to ignore the warning of what the professional security firms were saying at minimal resulting in hundreds of thousands of votes being interfered with.

Let’s end the discussion of ‘if it can happen’ and just accept the ‘fact’ our elections will be hacked the higher the involvement of IT and develop an improved ‘paper and identification’ voting process which cannot be hacked, our democracy depends on it.  If Obama’s IT team was able to hack Iran’s nuclear facilities software, surely the ‘proof is in the pudding’ on the global stage.

If our current and previous generations of our military are and have been willing to sacrifice their lives, surely it is the responsibility of the rest of us to honour their sacrifices by ensuring we ensure the integrity of our voting processes thereby preserving our democracy.

David Maxwell


The Engineering Group

226 600 4656